Naagin three Written Update: Maahir Gets Panicked, Bela Senses Risk

Naagin three Written Update: Maahir sees Bela in tears and tries to console her. He asks her if Yuvi did the rest tainted. She says every little thing that’s happing is her fault. He tells her to hang belief on their relationship. Bela wishes to notify her secret to Maahir but she is anxious that this may perchance occasionally most likely well furthermore ruined their relationship. Vikrant disposes Poulomi’s physique.

Bela hears Naagin tune at evening and furthermore sees Poulomi in front of her.

Maahir sneaks into her room. The latter soft sees his shadow. She tries to attack him but after she gets to take hang of that he is Maahir, she stops herself.

As she is changing correct into a Naagin, she tells Maahir to head out. She reminds Vikrant’s phrases about how abominable she becomes within the moonlight. Thus, Bela wishes to offer protection to Maahir. On the opposite hand, he refuses to head. ‘

Maahir’s pal calls him to meet but he doesn’t are looking to head away her. Bela tells him that she is vivid and he have to soundless meet his pal. Each and every of them hang their romantic 2nd. Maahir hugs Bela telling her that he can’t stay with out her.

Vikrant enters the room and tells Bela that she has killed Jamuna. Bela is aware of that Vikrant is a liar.

After Maahir left, Vikrant’s mother comes to Bela’s room to homicide her. On the opposite hand, she fails as Maahir comes again.

Maahir tells Bela that he obtained’t be ready to seem her with Yuvi. He wishes her to discontinuance your total drama. But, Bela tries to convince him that she is doing it to compile Yuvi’s true intentions. Maahir says that he can’t look her getting married to Yuvi. She tells him that she goes nowhere and can always be with him.

Maahir’s cousin, Vyom comes to the dwelling. Each and every of them are only chums. Maahir wishes Bela to meet them.

Bela and Yuvi sense hazard as they meet these new guests. They furthermore focus on the identical.


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