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India boasts of notorious science and social science institutes salvage IISc, IITs, TIFR, JNU and Tiss. But, greatest 10 Indians prefer among the enviornment’s top 1% extremely-cited researchers (HCR) in the 2 fields. To top it, a number of the 10 are no longer from the country’s main institutes. The listing, comprising over 4,000 of the globe’s most ‘influential’ researchers has been launched by firm Clarivate Analytics.

Famed scientist and outdated head of the scientific advisory council to the PM, CNR Rao, figures on the listing. Bigger than Eighty% of the names in the listing, which covers over 60 worldwide locations, advance from greatest 10 worldwide locations. Remarkably, 70% are from appealing five worldwide locations. Among establishments, Harvard University has the best representation on the listing, with 186 names.

While India’s representation is negligible, China with 482 names is 1/3 on the listing. The US tops the listing with 2,639 names and the UK comes 2d with 546 names.

JNU’s Dinesh Mohan, who figures on the listing, mentioned that unless final year, decrease than five Indians can be on the listing. “This year, they’ve integrated an extra category of ‘corrupt-self-discipline’, which took the number to 10,” he mentioned. Rao mentioned India must toughen its quality of research, along with quantity to enhance citations. “About 15 years previously, China and India were on the equivalent level. However China contributes to fifteen-sixteen% of science on this planet and ours is greatest about 3-4%,” he mentioned. Ashok Pandey, from CSIR’s Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, is the suitable HCR from CSIR, which has a community of 5,000 scientists. “It is a long way a matter of enviornment and wants to be addressed by the authorities, and stakeholders, along side scientists,” he mentioned. IIT-Kanpur professor Avinash Agarwal, who’s on the listing, mentioned utilized study does no longer regain sufficient respect in a country salvage India, which is enraged about most major study. “We desire to enhance our study ecosystem… Predatory journals, where you pay and put up, would maybe well also restful be penalised.”

The opposite Indian names on the listing are: Alok and Jyoti Mittal (a married couple; Jyoti is the suitable girl researcher on the listing) from NIT Bhopal; Rajnish Kumar from IIT-Madras; Sanjeeb Sahoo from Institute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneswar; Rajeev Varshney from Global Vegetation Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics, Hyderabad; Sakthivel Rathinaswamy from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.

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